Untitled (WHAT IS LEFT BEHIND), 2006
Andrea Tese

Three images that represent three generations. They also represent one full or complete branch of the tree (thus far).

Marjorie Vroom + Vincent Tese
Vincent Tese + Joyce Mayer
Andrea Tese, Lauren Tese


TESE-Marjorie Elizabeth "Betty" (nee Vroom), age 96. Died on October 30th, 2006 at her home in New Suffolk, L.I. Betty was predeceased in 1972 by her husband, Vincent Tese, Esq., the love of her life, who she loyally cared for thoughout his long illness. Vincent, born in Naro, Sicily graduated from Fordham Law School, class of 1926, and practiced law in New York City. Betty traced her lineage through her father, Oliver Evans Vroom, to Dutch Founders of New Amsterdam. Her maternal great-grandmother, from Cornwall, England, was tutor in the Court of Queen Victoria and migrated to the United States with Betty's grandfather, George Francis Hutchings, who became vice president of the Stuyvesant Insurance Company of New York City. Her maternal grandmother, stage name Grace Grisham, was a soprano with the famous Augustin Daly Theatre Troupe. Betty is mother and champion of her children, Hon. Vincent S. Tese, Angela Tese-Milner, Esq., Edith Avallone, Charles Tese and Jane O'Donnell and a doting great and great-great grandmother. An avid collector of art and antiques, "Betty the Buyer" founded Old Fox Country Antiques, in Cutchogue, L.I. when she was 65 years old and continued to operate her buisness until she was 86. Betty was independent, resourceful and a strong spirit.

I am a grandchild of this woman, daughter to her firstborn son and late husband's namesake, Vincent. In total, there are over fifty of us, her direct descendents, carriers of her blood, her legacy. My task has been to search out and photographically record each and every one of us. In doing this I have endeavored to document WHAT IS LEFT BEHIND.